The great news is that God has shown up! 2000 years ago he came to earth and began to turn the world upside down. He didn't come in power and glory, he came as a human being in the person of Jesus, who healed the sick, performed life changing miracles and spoke words that have never been equalled.


But it didn't end there. Jesus died the most painful death and yet told his followers that it was all part of the plan to bring lost people to a place where they could be found again. Jesus death, and three days later his resurrection, were all part of God's amazing plan for those who were looking for him to be able to find him - God has come looking for us!


He came on a rescue mission

so that we could know him 


God showed up and many of us have missed him!

John (one of Jesus closest followers) wrote this: 

"The Word (God) became flesh and came to live amongst us"(1) 

He also says: 

"He was in the world and though the world was made through him the world did not recognise him" (2)

John continues:

"To all who received him, to those who believed in his name he gave the right to become the children of God." (3)

That is great news!

Father God has made it possible for us to not only know him but to become part of his family, to be his sons and daughters.

Jesus dealt with the problem that separated us from God through his death and resurrection. He paid the price which we could never have paid and has made the way for us to know God for ourselves.

Jesus says:


To find out how you can know this life that Jesus came to offer check out the other sections


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