No one likes to admit that they have a problem

but the Bible tells us there is a problem which separates us from a God who loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives.


The Bible calls this problem ‘sin’. Sin includes all the things that we say,do and think that are out of line with the way God would want things to be. It affects every single one of us and however hard we try to do better, we constantly find that we fall short ofperfection.


The Bible puts it this way:

“There is none righteous (right with God)no not one”(1)

If it is not dealt with, ultimately it will separate us from our loving FatherGod for ever.

“The wages of sin is death…”(2)

But there is good news – this same verse in the Bible goes on to tell us this…

“….but the gift of God is eternal life.”(3)



How do we receive this gift?


As the word "gift" suggests it is not something we can earn or deserve but as the verse tells us it is a gift of God


Father God has made a way for us to be made right with him. God, in the person of Jesus Christ, came himself and made it possible for us to receive the free Gift of God, eternal life and relationship with himself.

Check out the video which will explain how Jesus had dealt with the problem and provided the answer




You may find the illustration below helpful. 



(1)Romans 3:10 (2) Romans 6:23a (3) Romans 6:23b